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Rosie Family Genealogy

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Scottish Coastline

My name is Jennifer Lloyd, nee Rosie, living in Melbourne, Australia. I would like to hear from anyone knowing anything about my ancestors - John ROSIE born approximately 1744 near Caithness, Canisbay, Scotland and who married a Janet WILLIAMSON born circa 1752. I would be most indebted to anyone who can help me go further back into the ROSIE family history in the Canisbay/Wick area. Rumour has it that they came from the Norsemen, and do not belong to any sept or clan, but later attached themselves to the Sinclair Clan. John ROSIE and Janet WILLIAMSON had the following children in Caithness,Wick Walter born 25.8.1770 died in infancy Donald born 29.1.1773 Walter born 3.2.1775 m. Elizabeth WILLIAMSON 20.6.1801 James born 23.12.1776 who married Elizabeth DUNNET William born 17.1.1779 John born 6.3.1781 Janet born 18.3.1786 David born 15.5.1788 I come from the James ROSIE line who married Elisbeth DUNNET 10th August 1801 at Caithness, Canisbay and they had the following children:- John Rosie born 13.12.1801 m.Catherine SINCLAIR 25.1.1828 Janet bn 15.7.1804 Catherine bn 19.8.1811 James born ? married Elizabeth Ritchie 5 Jan 1844 Daniel bn 6.4.1816 married Margaret Dunnet Maria christened 18 Sep 1818 Caithness Wick Also am looking into the whereabouts of my missing maternal great-grandfather James Pearce CARR who was born in Wicklow IRELAND circa 1860, came to Australia, married Eliza Teale in the Anglican Church, Kiata, Victoria, Australia, on Feb 28, 1889 . They had four children William James Pearce CARR, Frederick, Hilda, Norman Reighmann all born in Adelaide, South Australia. Then his story ends. Eliza remarried and lived in South Australia as Mrs.O'Niell. The name PEARCE has been used as a middle name is several of the succeeding generations and it is said that it originated from the name of a Priest in Ireland James Pearce CARR's parents were Michael CARR and Helen SAIL of Wicklow, Eire. Again any help you may be able to give me, would be greatly appreciated as no-one seems to have a clue to go on.

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Created: Friday, January 16, 1998